What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is available for people living in a rural, remote or very remote region at the time of the service.

You should be located more than 15 kilometres by road from the providing practitioner.

In order to get the Medicare rebate for the service the client must meet the usual requirements for a Better Access service and have a valid Mental Health Care Plan from the referring GP.

Telehealth Requirements

The Telehealth service needs to be done through video conferencing which requires:

    • the use of a computer, tablet or mobile phone with audio and video capability
    •  a secure, reliable internet connection.
    •  access to a private location.

For clients without access to these facilities alternative arrangements need to be made.

Telehealth and Privacy
I use a secure video conferencing telehealth platform designed for Allied Health called Coviu.You would need an updated version of Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to use this or to download the iOS Coviu app if using an Apple computer, iPad or iPhone.

The need to access Telehealth can be established when you contact me to make the appointment. 

Telehealth and Covid 19

Telehealth availability has been temporarily extended to accommodate the Covid-19 crisis and is currently available for anyone seeking help from a psychologist who is reluctant to do a face-to-face consultation.

If you are considered to be vulnerable to the virus you would need to take this option.

For these circumstances telephone consultations are also available to those who do not have video capability.

If you have a concession or Health Care card this service will be Bulk Billed (ie: Medicare will pay the fee directly and you will not be charged a gap.)

Your current personal circumstances will be taken into consideration with regard to the fee should you not have been able to access a concession card at the time of treatment.

Telehealth can seem rather daunting and uncomfortable to some people, especially for those who have not had an initial face-to-face consultation, however it can still be very effective and can be extremely valuable in circumstances where a client has no other option.