Sleeping difficulties

Sleeping Difficulties

Sleep is the foundation of physical, mental and emotional health. Without sufficient quality sleep all areas of functioning are adversely affected.

Sleeping problems (or insomnia) can be Acute or Chronic and there are different types such as:

  • difficulty falling asleep,
  • interrupted sleep (constantly waking up and having trouble going back to sleep).
  • Sleeping too much

People can suffer from symptoms such as involuntary micro sleeps during the day, difficulty concentrating, not feeling refreshed after a night’s sleep and many other signs.

How a psychologist can help you

There may be physiological reasons contributing to insomnia, such as breathing issues, snoring and sleep apnoea and pain which would need to be treated but often sleeping difficulties are lifestyle related.

I can help you to recognize the behaviours that are contributing to the insomnia and help the you to alter them. `