Adjustment disorder

Adjustment Disorder

Stressful events such as divorce or marital problems, relationship or interpersonal problems, life threatening experiences, problems at school or work, losing a job or a loved one, financial difficulties or changes in one’s situation such as retirement or having a baby can affect people in different ways.

An adjustment disorder is an extreme reaction to an identifiable stressor or life event that is causing significant problems in your day to day functioning.

It includes symptoms such feelings of sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, worry, feeling overwhelmed, having suicidal thoughts and physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach problems, sleeplessness and may lead to withdrawing from your social supports or avoiding important things.

If adjustment disorders do not resolve they can eventually lead to more serious mental health problems. 

How a psychologist can help you

A psychologist can help you to work through your feelings about what has happened, help you to work out what to do and help you to develop healthy coping skills so that you become more resilient in times of high stress.